Friday, December 4, 2015

Airabess Life

We are no longer in travel mode.  We are rooted.  And LOVING it. Making our house a home. Nurturing relationships.  Experiencing life in one place.
So, the nature of this space has changed.  And while I am not going to abandon it forever... it's just not about the travel right now.
So, until travel is in the forefront again,  I have started a new blog.  The focus is less on Airabess life, and more on the things I am doing.  Yoga, writing, homeschooling, vino, food...You get the idea. 

If you are so inclined, check it out.  If not... until we meet again.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Finding Our Way

I am finding my way to teaching.  I am finding my way to writing. 

Hubs is making our house a home. Hubs is finding his way back to the water. 

Coco is Coco. Living a big, beautiful dream. I hope she remembers. I wonder what of this time, these last few years will resonate?  

We are making our space.  

We are so happy. And that is everything. 


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

My Cup Runneth Over

The lack of blog posts is due to the fullness of life living. 
This crew has been adjusting to life in one place and enjoying everything that involves. 

Still not taking ourselves too seriously though. And that's how we like it. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Doors are Magnificant

What a busy few months. What an UNDERSTATEMENT.  
Since we've parked the RV Airabess we have (collectively):  bought 2 vehicles, sold a house, bought a house, begun a serious overhaul of said house, joined a swim team, performed in a theatre production following a 6 week theater camp, worked an ungodly amount of hours in the dog days of summer, gotten a promotion, began a new phase of teaching (yoga), lost some LB's, made new friends, connected with old friends, had our first house guest, completed the 3rd grade, took a dive trip, played tourist (officially as locals) and still found time for lots of love. 

Oh, and we have doors now. They close. It's magnificent. (At some point I'm going to write about 'comfort stations' aka public/community showers and bathrooms.  Every bona fide traveler knows that struggle... All are not created equal.)

I miss the down time. And, while I still don't think it's always a healthy thing, I'm embracing the glorification of busy. For now. While we reconnect to life in one place it's what is right for us. 

Having a permanent address means life is going to have a predictability to it. It allows for busy in a completely different way than travel did. It is just as beautiful. The trick is not getting caught in the hamster wheel. 

It's such a wonderful feeling to come home.  To create a space that is ours, from scratch, with our hard work. It's super rewarding. It's freaking hard.  But it's amazing. 

We had a blank canvas when we got here. We are painting our dreams and vision. We are creating the life we want. The days are full of struggle. They are full of moments of joy.  We are, I hope, finding the balance between the two. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Back to Life

We have finally made back to the place we will call home.  

Is the wanderlust gone?  
I don't think once you've really started to see what the world has to offer you can ever really be satisfied in one place.  The next trip will be aboard a plane though!  Europe anyone?

But, we aren't really gypsies.  So, it's time to get back to reality.  Or rather the reality we want for our family.

So, when choosing the place we would settle down it was important to look at what brings us joy.  Jobs, work~ that's available in lots of places.  But, we had to consider what, outside of income, would be comfortable, attainable and in line with what our lifestyle is about. 

And, duh.  Just, duh.  Of course we knew where we wanted to make our roots.  We had already started before and came back during this great big Airabess adventure.  We keep coming back.  
Again and again and again; where layers include a bikini and sarong~ not fleece leggings and flannels.  

The Florida Keys really is where this crew calls home.  
I think we have known for a long time.  But... we thought maybe.  And now there is no question.  No, "what if?" 
What if... we could sail the Caribbean and set ourselves up in the Virgins?
What if.... we see the west coast and really, really love it?
What about... a cabin in the mountains?
Why not... where we have a house?
Why?  Because none of it worked, or worked out (i.e. the USVI).

It feels absolutely amazing to be able to know for sure. 

We get this life to experience and I don't want to look back at the end of it and wonder what it would have been like if I had put it all out there.  
It's all out there.  No regrets or questions.

I was welcomed back to the job I had last Summer before we took off to the Bahamas and the beyond that never happened.  RV Airabess is a convenient bike ride to and from.  Which is perfect because when you step out of life for a year or two there are a ton of things that need to come together- car, housing, furniture etc...)  

It will all work out.  I'm not worried.  Not stressed.  Just super hopeful and excited about this next chapter.  

Life is so full of every day moments that are worthy of recognition.  So, I am still going to post about our adventures. Maybe not as regularly, or maybe more.  For right now, we are getting into the groove of Airabess life here, at home, and still living this amazing dream.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Decisions, decisions

This last year has been so amazing.  But if you had told me a year ago that I wouldn't be living on our boat in a tropical local, well I would have been really offended.  I mean we worked so hard to get to that place.  We had spent years and years planning and making shit happen.  So, how could we NOT be 'there'.  
Well, 'there' is a funny concept.  For some people it's a very specific destination, be it financial, spatial or mental.  For me it's been about finding myself.  I am so fortunate that I get to go on the journey with my love, my partner and that we have been able to show our kid that changing your perspective really can take you places; financially, spatially and mentally.  

And while the journey is never really over, it's time for this crew to put the wanderlust on the breaks for a bit.  It's really hard to travel for extended period of time.  Even if you take your house with you.  Even if you had every intention of that destination tropical local LESS than a year ago.  Especially when you sell one travel home for another.  I mean we had plans.  We acted on them and well... Life just says, "Try this... see what happens."
What can I say?  There IS something to be said for a full size kitchen (we love to cook) and level floors with a roof (can I say Yoga!).  And doors.  Doors are really nice.  From sea to the road... doors.  Don't shut a door in your house for just one week and see how it changes you. 

We are currently hanging out on the Oregon coast.  We are enjoying our freedom, but we are also ready to plant ourselves and make some roots.  Our biggest decision is deciding where we want to grow, where we want to be.  Because we are really ready to just be in one place.

Well,  I'm pretty sure we've got it.  We have seen enough to know where we fit, and what fits for us.    And, though we put it out into the universe on a many different levels, it's not here.  We found viable employment (thank you so much for the pats on the back~you know who you are).  We imagined ourselves in so many different homes that were so perfect for us.  Just.  Just not here.  We so wanted it to be.  We sort of planned on it.  Well, damn.... plans. Lesson learned.  Again.

You can tell when you visit a place if it will work for you.  You can feel it.  We felt it in Morro Bay, unfortunately the amount of work to living life ratio didn't fit.  Just because we want to settle down doesn't mean we want to become slaves to the man. 
So, while we aren't really ready to tell the world, we have decided were we call will home.   

I will say this....  we are selling our house in St. Augustine.  So it's not there.  But it is somewhere we have loved for a very long time.

I'm not trying to be obtuse.  I am just being real... we could change our minds again.  We already did 3 times this week, even after telling part of our world.  

Monday, April 13, 2015

The Redwoods

When I asked Hubs to describe the drive he responded with "Wet and sporty".  Which took me immediately to a conversation we had with our friends from Shambala.  "Wet and Sporty" really means, "I know today sucked, but look at what we are doing!" There are so many things that translate so easily from boat to RV.  You would be amazed!

The sporty drive took us through the Avenue of the Giants.  Again super challenging for Hubs to fully appreciate as he was driving, though the idea of me behind the wheel would have proved a lot more frustrating I'm sure.

We camped amongst the Redwoods, tasted sorrels from the forest floor, took a ranger guided tour (where we learned about burls and burl poaching) and Coco earned another* Junior Ranger badge.  She also wrote a poem :)

 Tall and majestic.
Growing to the sky 
and big over the years.
and living.
Inspiring us and awe-inspiring us.  
Magnificent trees.


*She has too many to count.  She has worked her way across the country earning badges.  So proud.  I love homeschooling!

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